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Zion is a place where rock climbing meets community and where community meets Christ. The Principal concentration of the organization is to foster mentoring relationships, develop leadership in the community, and prepare persons to be successful in life. the organization also endeavors to be advocates for responsibility, equality, and justice in the community. It is the intention of the organization to use rock climbing as a medium to provide a value-based service to our community.

Sacrifices, Hard Work and my man crush on Tommy Caldwell

Have you ever had a goal that you have put your all into? Every ounce of your being going into training and preparing for something that seems incredibly out of reach? Well this guy did, and frankly it's incredible.
7+ years of waking up at 5 a.m, radically altering his lifestyle in order to conquer the Dawn Wall, that's some SERIOUS commitment. Now Tommy Caldwell is obviously no lightweight when it comes to climbing. He's been climbing for upwards of 20 years and is among one of the greats, focusing, as he said, early on on sport climbing and gradually changing over to big wall climbing. The Dawn Wall is something that has been waiting to be conquered, laughing in the face of anyone who had even dared to think about climbing it. But Tommy put in the work, he gave up precious time in his life in order to conquer this seemingly unsurmountable terror of a wall. But you know, him climbing it isn't even the coolest part.
His understanding of his responsibility to his family is the incredible thing.
You see, a lot of climbers get an incredibly bad rep. People like Alex Honnold, known for free soloing, who are looked at as reckless and ridiculous and having no care for their well-being or that of others. But one thing people don't seem to understand is that these guys are inherently and utterly human. They DO have fears, and they DO understand their impact if they were to die. Alex Honnold doesn't walk up to a climb and decide he's going to just free solo it. He takes time, typically climbs the routes multiple times ahead of time, and then after being fully confident that he can do it he goes for it. 
I am in no way condoning free soloing, and I know that if anyone caught me trying to do a free solo I'd most likely get a serious talking to if I came down alive. But what I'm trying to emphasize is climbers' understanding of what they are doing. There is a point in the interview above where Tommy talks about alpine climbing. As interesting a pursuit, and natural progression, it would be for him, he's a dad now. His responsibility, first and foremost, is raising his young son. That's not to say that he won't take the kid on climbs way earlier than some parents (especially in this day and age where kids can't even play tag or chew their pop-tarts to look like guns) think he should, but that's his choice to make. What's important is that he recognizes that the field IS dangerous, and he's willing to give up what he would naturally progress onto for his son.
Honestly, I just want to praise Tommy Caldwell with this article because that whole video shows that he is probably the most humble of dudes. Definitely a man crush.