Zion Climbing Center

Zion is a place where rock climbing meets community and where community meets Christ. The Principal concentration of the organization is to foster mentoring relationships, develop leadership in the community, and prepare persons to be successful in life. the organization also endeavors to be advocates for responsibility, equality, and justice in the community. It is the intention of the organization to use rock climbing as a medium to provide a value-based service to our community.

The Legend of David Riley

David was born in a far away place of corn fields and rivers in a place called Quincy, IL. This hero, a second year apprentice of Mechanical Engineering, studies at the University of Harding in the desert called Searcy, AR. Though he takes his studies seriously, he spends most of his time and energies on a skill set very different from the mathematically challenging study of Engineering and works to be a great rock climber. Ever since he learned the way of the Rock, he constantly is studying and practicing the art of climbing, even leaving for 3 weeks to head to the mountains to better practice on real mountains. At every available opportunity he is given he will be at the training ground called Zion. He even acquired a job there after only 3 days of first arriving. 

While David isn't climbing or studying Engineering you can find him long boarding, drawing or just chilling with a vanilla latte in his hammock. 

Where will David's destiny lead him from here? Even he doesn't know, but he invites you to come and talk with him so that you might share in this mighty story.