Zion Climbing Center

Zion is a place where rock climbing meets community and where community meets Christ. The Principal concentration of the organization is to foster mentoring relationships, develop leadership in the community, and prepare persons to be successful in life. the organization also endeavors to be advocates for responsibility, equality, and justice in the community. It is the intention of the organization to use rock climbing as a medium to provide a value-based service to our community.

Hello, my name is.....

Hello, my name is David Concha. I'm currently a sophomore at Harding University in the pre-medical program studying psychology and pre-professional health sciences. Dumas, Texas is my hometown, (about 45 minutes away from Amarillo) which is basically the desert with wind. I was introduced to Zion Climbing Center through the rock climbing class in the first semester of my freshman year here at Harding. I started working as a volunteer in my second semester. Climbing is an awesome hobby for those who seek a little bit of extra adrenaline to make their college lives a little more interesting.  The whole method of planning your next move and the progression to reach a goal makes it rewarding. The community around the sport also makes for a great time when hanging around the gym. Outside of spending my free time in the lovely atmosphere of Zion, longboarding is a favorite hobby of mine. If it's not raining or snowing I'm riding to class, bombing hills, and riding to my shift here at the gym. I just enjoy doing the basic fun stuff that gets the blood pumping plus a little (or a lot) of nerd stuff.