Zion Climbing Center

Zion is a place where rock climbing meets community and where community meets Christ. The Principal concentration of the organization is to foster mentoring relationships, develop leadership in the community, and prepare persons to be successful in life. the organization also endeavors to be advocates for responsibility, equality, and justice in the community. It is the intention of the organization to use rock climbing as a medium to provide a value-based service to our community.

Volunteers Needed!

Zion Climbing Center is a nonprofit organization. We are incredibly blessed to have the support of our community and college students that come from all over the country. The only way we are able to stay up and running is because of our regular customers and the work of our volunteers. Our volunteers work and study during the day and then work at least one shift every week. They have a passion for rock climbing and for the community of Searcy, and they strive for bonding relationships and to share the love of the sport and the love of Christ. Every year, we lose volunteers to graduation (a bitter-sweet time for all of us), and we are always looking for new people! If you are interested in volunteering with  us, we would love to work with you! Click the "Learn More" button on our Contact Us page to fill out an application, and message or call us if you have any further questions!

Last Set of 2017

Our setters just had their last section set for the year! We will be doing an ENTIRE GYM RESET over Christmas break, so if you have any personal projects going on, you better get in here and finish strong!


Glow Climb

OCTOBER. The month of Halloween. This calls for a Glow Climb! We are going to turn off the lights and turn the black lights on, paint up, dress up probably, listen to some bumpin music, and GLOW as we climb! 

WHEN: October 6th @ 6pm-12am

WHO: All welcome! 
(All children under the age of 10 need to be supervised by parents)

COST: $5 a head (climbers AND non-climbers)
Free for Pass Holders

DRESS: There will be black lights, so the best colors to wear are white and any bright, neon color. If you want to dress up in a Halloween costume, we encourage it!

Contact us with any questions or concerns!

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24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell: The World's Wildest Climbing Competition

Each year in the Ozarks of Arkansas, at a place called Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, an incredible thing happens: hundreds of rock climbers from around the world show up for a grueling competition. It's called Horseshoe Hell, and climbers spend 24 straight hours seeing who can climb the most routes without stopping. Grueling, yes. But it's also a massive party and a ton of fun. This year, the dates are September 20-24.